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How to determine the minimum radius for sheet bending

Do you know the minimum radius to use for sheet bending? Bending is one of the most common ways of processing metal. It involves changing the shape of a sheet by bending it, generating permanent deformation. Successful bending depends on various factors. One of these factors is the minimum bend radius. Do you know how to determine this? Below we’ll give you a few hints. The process of sheet bending is one of the most common industrial processes of plastic

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UNI EN 10204:2005 control documents

The control documents that anyone buying steel strips, plates and sheets might ask their suppliers to provide in order to check conformity with the order specifications, are laid down in the standard UNI EN 10204. People are often unsure of the differences in the control documents they might ask their supplier to provide. To avoid futile red tape when exchanging supply documents for semi-finished steel products, it’s a good idea to know exactly what the differences are between the various types

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The importance of proper data management

Careful data management is becoming increasingly important in terms of a company’s opportunities for success on the market. The data must be available, accessible and most importantly validated, in order to gain value for your business and improve customer service. The level of customer service is heavily influenced by good coordination between the departments of your company, from front to back office, with cross-sector processes which ensure that customers’ data is correctly exchanged between departments, and vice versa. The basis

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